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Sharing Jesus in Ghanaian Villages

In April, Pastor George traveled to a small community named Gore near our church in Glang to show the JESUS Film. Three ladies gave their lives to Jesus after watching the film!

The next week, Pastor George tried to show the JESUS Film at another village nearby. But such outreach efforts are not without risk. It soon became apparent that there were fights and quarrels going on in the village for reasons unknown, and Pastor George and his team had to stop the film early. He later found out that three men were killed that day.

Pastor George wrote, “. . . it was scary and frightening, but the Lord was in control, and we drove back to Wa town safely.”

Thank you for your continued prayers for the churches and leaders in Ghana. God continues to move, and we are grateful to hear of souls saved!

Pastor George uses the JESUS Film to evangelize. This photo was taken in 2020.



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