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Support for Missionaries in Transition

We are so grateful to many churches and individuals who send in regular support (annually, quarterly, or monthly) for the ministry of our missionaries. You make their work possible! But what happens when missionaries return to the U.S.? Does their support continue?

  • When missionaries return home for furlough, or home assignment, their support does continue until they return to the mission field. This time allows them to rest, reconnect with family, and reconnect with their donors, which may include traveling to your church to update you on their ministry.

  • When missionaries return home from the mission field, they may not know what their future holds. They are guaranteed three months of regular ministry support, at which time, if they have chosen not to return to a ministry overseas, their ministry funds will cease.

Please let us know if you ever have questions about your pledge of ministry support. Thank you for your prayers for our families in transition!

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