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Happy New Year!

This Christmas season, the Doyle family has experienced a special focus on Jesus that has made it a very blessed time. Yes it has been busy as usual, but even in the busyness there have been a number of things keeping our eyes on Jesus as 2017 wound to an end.

Our Sunday services were focusing on different aspects of Christ in a series leading up to Christmas. Personal and family devotions have been pointing to Jesus. Even some of the questions that the boys have been asking have been prime teaching moments about who Jesus is.

As a result of one of those questions, Larry started looking quite closely at Colossians 1:13-20, and even led a devotional at the office on that passage. It has been inspiring to think more deeply as a family about Jesus before His birth, now and into eternity, and during His time on Earth.

We pray that this New Year will be a blessing to you and your family, and that you will find a fresh way to focus on JESUS in 2018.

Amaziah, Jacob, and Lawrance

Your Place in Missions?

As we transition to a new year, we’ll close out our series on support positions needing filled in missions. We’ve only scratched the surface with medical, aviation, education, finance, management, and computer/technical so far. There are many other support roles needed in various missions communities around the world, as well as here in PNG.

Construction/maintenance (electrical, plumbing, engineering, etc.), mechanical, printshop, typesetting, training, counseling/staff care, logistics/supplies, and many other skills are needed in missions. For a bit more of an overview, we encourage you to view the “Faces of Translation” series on Youtube. It was produced by our friends and neighbors right here in Ukarumpa! There are 14 short videos, the summary of which is at:

If you’re looking for ideas of how God might want to use you in missions, this series will hopefully inspire you to see that no matter what gifts and skills He’s given you, they can be used in the worldwide mission of God. Feel free to share these videos with your friends and family, as well as watching any of the other PNG Experience videos. Please also pray for more writers and videographers so we will be able to resume making these kinds of materials.

Prayer Corner


  • Christy’s first semester teaching pre-school has gone well

  • A focus on Christ this season

  • Two new translation teams and two new language program interns!

  • Five translation programs that have finished well in 2017

  • Our family thrived in the November/December busy season


  • The Solos translation team as they follow the plans they have laid out, especially for village checking

  • A planned Buka trip for February

  • The four New Testament dedications planned for 2018

  • We need vision from God as to how to reach the remaining translation needs in PNG

Jacob likes to help any time there is digging going on!

Amaziah is proud of the volunteer watermelons that came up in our garden, even though they supposedly don't grow in the Highlands.

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