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Announcing a New Director

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By Joe Trussell, Chairman of the Board

After exactly one year of searching for a Director, we are pleased to announce that Steve Elsey has accepted the position. Steve has served on the World Missions Board since 2006, and he, along with his wife Gail, has pastored various churches for the last 33 years.

This has been a difficult decision for Steve – he is pastoring a growing church at Lowry City, Missouri, that loves him and stands united behind him. But the last few months have seen Steve begin to personally develop a growing burden and passion for this position. I believe that God has orchestrated the events that brought him to tender his resignation at the church on January 27.

Steve began working part-time with World Missions February 1, and his official date to begin full-time as Director will be July 1.

Let’s continue to pray for Steve and Gail, as transitions like this are never easy – especially when one has pastored the same church for 20 years, as they have at Lowry City!

Steve wrote, "It is with honor and a sense of anxiety that I accept the offer of the World Missions Board to serve. The anxiety is because of my limitations, NOT His. But there is excitement also, because I don't believe that we ought to throw in the towel and begin wringing our hands. God is still Supreme, still in control, and there are lost souls to reach. I have sensed His hand in arriving at this decision, and it is with a sense of excitement that I give you my answer."

We are grateful to everyone for their continued support for World Missions through this time of transition, and we are looking forward to what God has in store.

Quick Facts about Director Steve:

  • Married to Gail for 34 years

  • Four children—Allen, Anthony, Alicia, and Andy—and 2 grandchildren

  • Pastored since 1980

  • Served on the World Mission Board since 2006

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