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Longtime Church Leader Serves as Premier

The Honorable Juliana Yvonne O’Connor-Connolly assumed the role of Premier of the Cayman Islands last November, which is the head of government, a position similar to a prime minister.

However, to many of our church people in Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman, she is known as Sis. Juliana, a faithful church member and leader who assists with preaching as needed.

A list of her accomplishments begins with a teaching career and a law degree. In 1996 she won her first elected position as representative of the District of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. She was the first female to hold that position, and she has continued breaking barriers and serving in key roles since, including Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Deputy Premier, and Premier. She first served as Premier 11 years ago.

We congratulate Sis. Juliana on achieving this level of influence. It illustrates her colleagues’ trust in her character and leadership. She has been a real Christian witness, unafraid to speak out against the moral decay that has encroached in recent years. Pray for God to use her mightily in this role.


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