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Youth Camp in the Caribbean

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Thea pic 2.png

A rendering of one of the new buildings for Youth Camp.

The annual Youth Camp is a highlight of the year for the Eastern Caribbean churches. But two years ago, the ministry seemed to be grinding to a halt when the lease on their property was not renewed. Some wondered whether Youth Camp would proceed in 2011, but God had other plans. Miraculously, He provided seven acres in Virgin Gorda, and Camp continued.

Since that time, a campaign has been underway to raise funds for buildings on the property. The leaders made a goal to see at least one building constructed by the summer of 2013, but a technicality regarding the ownership of the land delayed their plans.

Just weeks ago, the final permission was given so that construction could begin, but time is limited! Pray for the EC churches as they prepare for Youth Camp 2013.

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