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Answers to Prayer in PNG

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Toward the end of August, Larry Doyle wrote of three answers to prayer.

First, rainfall on Buka Island has returned to normal. Earlier in August, Christy had written that rain was needed to replenish the village water supply and the rain tanks. The rains came.

Secondly, Amaziah appears to be in great health. Larry wrote that he is “getting positively chubby.” There was some concern and tests were run last January because he had not been gaining weight properly.

And, thirdly, progress on translating the Bible into the Solos language continues! Larry wrote, “Our translation team is making good progress through Joshua, with the first five chapters drafted now. I'm checking it with them this next week, then it's on to the village checking.”

Thank you to everyone who continues praying for Larry, Christy, Lawrance, and Amaziah Doyle.

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