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Climbing the Ladder in PNG

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We’re climbing this ladder (in translating the Bible into Solos). Back at our training course in June and July, we followed this ladder with our practice portion. Now we’re doing it in real life.


Step one is mostly at workshops, but it happens every time the team meets and discusses how to say things in Solos.

Our everyday work is steps 2-4. We repeat this over and over for segments of seven to ten Bible verses. It is very much like climbing up and down a ladder.

When we finish a few chapters we do step 5. I’m the advisor, so those weeks are very intense. Then the team does step 6. So far we have five chapters to this step.

Once we get a whole section done, we can do steps 7-11. Then it’s on to publishing. So far, the Solos team is on track to get Joshua 1-12 to the top of the ladder early next year!

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