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“In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.” Prov. 16:9 (NIV) Up to a couple of months ago we had beautiful plans for next year, right up until time for furlough in June. Then everything changed.

A few years ago we signed up to do “group service” at the January 2014 Pacific Orientation Course (POC) for new missionaries in this part of the world. We would be teaching these new people about the language and culture here. Right afterward we had a training course in Buka planned for the Solos team, leading into furlough.

Then the POC manager had to leave, and our Buka course was cancelled. We prayed. And you prayed. God stepped in and provided for us to be the new POC managers for five months. Now we’re on the way to POC in Madang in early January. We anticipate a time of learning and growing, as well as being able to help new people adjust to life here.

We thank God for ordering our steps.

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