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Q&A with the Clouses

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Bobby and Rowena Clouse recently answered a few questions by email from Cayman Brac, where are serving as interim pastors for about six weeks. Davelee and Ruby Tibbetts resigned as of August 31, and we are so grateful for the Clouses’ hearts of service and appreciate their stepping forward to meet this need. Their current plans are to return to the States by Christmas. As God leads, we are looking forward to announcing a new pastor early next year; please help us pray toward that end.

How long have you pastored and what churches have you pastored? It has been our privilege to pastor for 33 years. We have served as evangelists while pastoring and especially for 7 years when we were not pastoring. This year, 2013, is our 40th year of ministry.

What are your current positions of ministry? Our home is currently in Hobe Sound, FL, and we are working for Gospel Publishing Mission which sends out International English Publications to many locations in the U.S. and around the world. This organization is part of FEA Ministries.

Have you visited the Cayman Islands before? We have ministered in Grand Cayman at least 3 times and have previously held revivals in Cayman Brac 7 times.

How did God lead you to the Brac? The people in the two churches in Cayman Brac, Watering Place and Spot Bay, have become very special to us, so when the invitation came to help, God made it clear that we should go. We are grateful to be in the center of God’s will.

How can we pray for you and the churches there? Please help us pray for God’s continued direction and help in the building of both churches spiritually and numerically.

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