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Make Me a Servant

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Where have we been for the past three months? We’ve been super busy at the Pacific Orientation Course here in Madang. Larry has been managing the center, and Christy the nursery. It’s been great being on staff again, although it has changed a bit since 2011. This time the participants are three translation teams, eight translation support teams, and one family from a church planting mission. The twelve families come from five countries on four continents!

At the moment all the participants are in the village living phase of the course, so day to day operations are a little less hectic. This gives Larry and the crew a chance to do some major projects.

Normally we are a translation team, and we have been living in Tung village on the “front lines” of Bible translation. These few months helping new missionaries gives us a taste of the hard work involved in supporting other missionaries as they concentrate on their tasks (in this case language & culture learning).

We’re happy to keep the lights on, termites dead, water running, road passable, children learning, etc. for everyone here.

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