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Missions at the Ladder to Heaven

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By Joe Trussell

Where is our mission field? Let me tell you about a recent trip to Bolivia to answer that question.

The Bolivian mission endeavor of the Church of God (Holiness) is a great success story. The number of established churches is now at 128, with another 200 or more daughter churches. During my trip, June 24-July 8, I had the honor of speaking at a Regional quarterly convention of 23 churches where 1,200 people were gathered for 6 hours in one building, worshiping the Lord. Where was my mission field? Well for that day, that convention was my mission field.

Another opportunity I had on this trip was to meet with members of the National Church Board. As I spoke with them, I devoted my attention to them because that was my mission field. On another day I met with the Regional President of the Ladies’ society. I tried to encourage and be a support. For those 2 hours, that was my mission field!

The last week of my stay, I secured the services of a guide that would lead me up 4 mountains in preparation for a 4- day summit bid of the 5th mountain, 21,150 ft. Illimani, a snow-covered glacier that overlooks the city of La Paz.

Now this part of my trip was what we would call pleasure, but I am fully convinced that God does not separate our activities into different categories. Therefore as I began climbing, my mission field followed me up those mountains. I have found that when we are open to God’s leadership, He provides ministry opportunities.

Throughout the week, I witnessed to my guide, Cecilio, as we were literally with each other 24/7, at times roped together on steep ice walls or dangerous crevasse fields. He was very open to hearing the Gospel, but was not ready to turn his life over to Christ.

We successfully summited the peak and were returning, having just descended the famous and feared 300-yard ice wall dubbed the “Ladder to Heaven,” when it was impressed upon me so strongly that I must share Christ again with my guide. He took off his climbing helmet and hat, even in the sub-freezing temperature, and I had the privilege of leading Cecilio to Christ at 20,000 feet above sea level! Cecilio began his journey to heaven at the base of the “Ladder to Heaven”!

So back to my original question, where is our mission field? Well, it is wherever you are! It may be in church with 12 or 1,200 people. It may be at work where the name of Christ is used every way except in worship. But then it may even be at 20,000 feet at the base of the Ladder to Heaven. Don’t ever forget that God has called you to missions where you are right now!


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