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Villages that Need the Good News

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Pastor Sammy, National Director in Ghana, recently wrote about additional villages that need to hear about Jesus.

“In the first village, we have two women who walk to our church in a neighboring village every Sunday. They told us that they cannot come for our Friday service because of the distance, but will be at church service on Sundays. . . . Another village we visited has a lot of women and children in that village. . . .

“Also there is a village on the way to one of our churches. Some people in there want to come to church at a neighboring village but have transportation difficulties. We already have two people from that village who are regular members. So in our last meeting we decided that George would have service with them before he continues to the more remote village for the normal service.

“Our prayer is that the Lord of the harvest may send out laborers into his harvest. May he strengthen and equip us. We are nothing but a pencil in the hand of the Almighty."


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