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Evangelizing with the Jesus Film: Annual Harvest Offering 2014

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Harvest Offering 2014--screen dark.jpg

As daylight faded, the round screen hung suspended in the tree like a flat, full moon. A speaker perched in a neighboring tree to the right, and a green wooden table bearing the projector and other electronics squatted in the middle of the dirt road. It was movie night out front of the church building in Beledere, Haiti.

At this particular movie premiere, there were no A-list actors, no red carpet, and no paparazzi. Instead, those in charge prayed that the Holy Spirit himself would show up and bless the assembled group as they watched the Jesus Film in their heart language.

Likely the most translated and watched film in history, the Jesus Film is a dramatization of the life of Jesus, taken primarily from the Book of Luke, and it has played a significant role in worldwide evangelism. The film has its critics, but no one can argue with its success. In 2010, it was estimated that every four seconds someone made the choice to follow Jesus after watching this story of his life.

The Jesus Film has played an important part in the establishment of our five churches in Ghana. After laying the groundwork through teaching about the Old Testament, the Jesus Film was shown with great effect. Villagers stood for two and a half to three hours, watching. One village responded with songs of praise; in another village, some 700-900 watched the first showing; and in another, when the leader gave the invitation, hands silently raised, indicating many who chose to follow Jesus.

The showing in Beledere, Haiti, was also a success. A year later, the church had grown from 100 members to 175—a great increase and exponentially more than can squeeze in the small, tin-roofed building.

This year, your donation to the Annual Harvest Offering will go toward similar efforts to show the life of Jesus to others around the world. Whether in Ghana, Haiti, Myanmar, or Nepal, we believe that the Jesus Film is a powerful tool in our areas of ministry because God has promised to always honor His Word.

Will you pray about what God would have you give? Your gift can help purchase a projection kit, help fund a mission team, and help reveal Jesus to a searching soul. Will you donate?

For more information, including a video about this project and info about the Jesus Film, click here.

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