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Near and Far: Director's Travels

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Director Steve became honorary grandpa on one international trip.

Director Steve Elsey and his suitcase are pretty well acquainted these days. His trips just this year have included preaching in the Cayman Islands, hiking in Haiti, dedicating a new church building in Ghana, and eating dog in Asia. And while those travels have been necessary and rewarding in their own ways, and without a doubt he has enjoyed fellowship with God’s people in every country, he has also done some important traveling here at home.

In June, Steve traveled east to Tennessee to connect with two churches there. The Pepples, new pastors at Kelley’s Chapel in Burlison, and the good folk in Gates welcomed him so warmly.

Just last month he spent a weekend with the Clites in Wichita, Kansas, where he represented World Missions on Sunday morning and gave a missions challenge on Sunday night.

Also in October, Steve motored to the Rocky Mountains to see the Stearns at Faith Covenant Bible Chapel in Colorado Springs and the Carys at Mountain View in Loveland. By request, he extended his trip an extra day and enjoyed an evening of fellowship with the Carys and Skeens that Monday.

Other churches in the Midwest have been visited, too, including Carthage, Wheatland, and El Dorado Springs.

The bottom line is that finances are not the bottom line. Steve is not just traveling to receive an offering for World Missions. Warm hospitality, renewed prayers, and increased interest in missions can be even more meaningful results.

So if you think your church is too small or too out-of-the-way to merit a visit, think again! Feel free to contact us, and Steve will do his best to add your city to his calendar.

Christian fellowship, laughter around the table, learning how God is moving around the world: this is Kingdom work.

But there is one word of explanation needed: your church dinner doesn’t have to include anything as exotic as canine cuisine. So far, that has not made Steve’s list of favorite foods.

We currently also have missionaries at home, available for missions services. To schedule your church, call Ashlee at 913-432-0303 or contact us via our website.

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