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New Roof in Haiti

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The view from the new church building at Bainet (Pilon) is beautiful: green palms and the Caribbean Sea in the distance. But the four walls stood bare, with no doors or roof.

Seeing the need for a new structure, the Christians at Bainet had worked hard to erect the block walls. Metal trusses were even donated for the building, but there was no way to get the large pieces up the mountain trail.

The World Mission Board stepped in to help correct the problem. The assembled trusses were used at a nearby church also needing a roof and not so remote. Funds were sent to purchase new metal to be taken up the mountain and assembled into trusses on site. The Rockbridge church in Columbia, Missouri, purchased a welder for the project.

Today, a sturdy roof is in place for the church at Bainet!

We are grateful to the people at Bainet, led by local pastor John Baptiste. We are also grateful to Pastor Samson who saw to the completion of the project, and to American Director, Mark Surbrook, who continually serves as an important contact between Haiti and the U.S. Thank God for this important step forward!


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