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Regent Street, Jamaica

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When Gordon Snider visited the Regent Street church on a Sunday in January 2014, almost none of the congregation showed up. Pastor Byfield apologized for the lack of attendance, but explained that believers had shied away because of recent violence in the area. Only days before, someone had been shot in the lot next door.

The Regent Street church was started in the late 1960s by Sis. Anson from the Cayman Islands, and in spite of the gritty neighborhood, Bro. Byfield lead a successful ministry there.

Thus it was with sad hearts that we learned that Bro. Byfield suffered a massive heart attack and passed away late last month.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters at Regent Street church that God would provide a new ministry leader. Pray for those who are grieving the loss of this man of God.


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