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YOU are Making a Difference

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In the grand scheme of things, perhaps your daily prayers or monthly support of World Missions does not seem very important. Some people or churches apologize that they cannot do more.

But then, the widow in Jesus’ day probably did not feel very influential when she gave her last two coins. Yet, she received high praise from the Master.

Please know that your prayers and support ARE making a difference. Your faithfulness is reaping results for the Kingdom around the world.

Director Steve Elsey recently composed a list of ways God has used you in just the last year. Consider the following:

  • Because of you, we have been able to put the Woods family on Cayman Brac to pastor the two churches there.

  • Because of you, we have been able to start a brand new church in the country of Ghana, AND we have not had to cut the support of the nationals working on this field. We were able to put a new roof on a church built by the believers, and new souls are being led to the Lord.

  • Because of you, many school children in Haiti received a hot meal at noon, and their teachers received a small stipend for their labors. A new school building was erected. A church building perched on a mountaintop now has a roof on it after having the walls built for six years.

  • Because of you, two more church planters were established in the country of Myanmar and some received a bicycle so that they could take the Gospel further.

  • Because of you, the Doyles have been able to come home for some much-needed rest, reconnecting with supporters, and the birth of their third child. They continue to work toward their return to Papua New Guinea.

This list is by no means comprehensive, and we certainly owe a great debt of thankfulness to the missionaries and national leaders who continue to lead these ministries.

But the sacrifice of your resources and your time in prayer have also made this possible. The One who saw the widow in the Temple also sees your support. May He bless you for your generosity.

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