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Leaving When?

Download the June issue of The Doyle Dispatch.

We are ready to go. Well, we think we are. We have almost all the pieces in place to return to Papua New Guinea and continue the ministry of Bible translation. The needs are such that we are anxious to return and empower God’s people there to get involved in translating the Bible into their own languages. Our Solos team also stands in need of personal encouragement and advisor assistance.

It looks as though our furlough will be extended by two—or possibly three—months. We still plan to arrive in PNG this summer, but the exact timing is now in flux because we are not yet at 100% of our monthly budget (see Back Page for details and how you can help). Please pray with us that God will call the remaining partners of this team to step forward. Pray, believing the verse on the sidebar, both for us and for the peoples of Papua New Guinea who still need God’s Word in their heart languages.

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