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New Director

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The World Mission Board is pleased to announce the hiring of a new Director. Mark Surbrook will be assuming the position on August 1 of this year.

Mark’s association with World Missions started over 50 years ago. In 1962 he started serving as Haitian Director; he and his wife, Linda, also lived in Haiti from 1967-1970, during which time they laid important groundwork for the continued growth of our churches there.

In the following years, Mark served over twenty years on the World Mission Board, as well as Assistant Executive Secretary for the Department in the 1980s. Mark also continued to serve as our American Director of Haiti Missions, making countless trips to assist with our work there, maintaining continued communication with the field, and donating of his resources to see the Kingdom advance.

In addition to these missions-related roles, Mark and Linda have pastored churches in the US for 45 years.

To his new position as Director, Mark brings a heart of love for people and a passion for seeing the lost won to Christ. We are grateful to Mark for accepting this responsibility, and we look forward to how God will continue to guide the World Mission Department under his leadership.

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