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A Miracle!

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One Wednesday, Jacob (our youngest son) was climbing on the couch armrest and fell, bumping his jaw and biting the side of his tongue in the process. The injury was not too severe, but over the next several days it bled from time to time, especially when he ate or disturbed the wound.

On the following Sunday afternoon we noticed that his tongue was swelling, and that his chewing on it had led to a long open infected wound which was bleeding quite a lot. It looked so disturbing and grotesque that we called the urgent care line, and emailed pictures (too graphic to share here) to the doctor on call.

Christy prayed. Not a big ornate prayer, just the cry of a mother to God for her youngest child.

Within twenty minutes of contacting the doctor he was at our house with an array of medications and advice. There’s not too much that can be done for tongue problems. Since he was here, we asked him to have a first-person look at the gruesome wound. We opened Jacob’s mouth, and the wound was gone! There was only a small clotted sore that looked to be healing nicely.

The bleeding stopped that afternoon. Two days later he is perfectly fine. It is so amazing to be witness to such an act of Divine healing in our own house.


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