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A Visit to Myanmar

Read the March issue of The Harvest Times.

Last month, Director Mark Surbrook and Board member Rod Davis traveled to the other side of the globe to visit Myanmar. The trip is arduous, including travel for over 21 hours one way!

Mark brought back wonderful reports of fellowship with Andrew Bawi Ceu and his wife, Marilyn. Mark and Rod taught the students of Shiloh Bible College and also taught in a Church Planters’ Seminar. The students and attendees were eager to learn, and they enjoyed pictures Mark brought of ministries in other countries like Haiti and Bolivia.

Andrew Bawi Ceu and his wife, Marilyn, ate with Mark Surbrook and Rod Davis.

Church planters and 30 Shiloh Bible College students.

This church planter and his family work in a town where there is no other church.

The teaching staff at Shiloh Bible College with Andrew Bawi Ceu and Marilyn (center, front).


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