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Remembering Mezak

Read the March issue of The Harvest Times.

Mezak Michel was getting old and stooped. Although he was the brother of then-director Pastor Paulin Michel, he always put off getting right with the Lord until “someday.” His brother did not give up, however, and the day came when he invited Mezak to a revival service at the Delmas 6 church in Port-au-Prince. Mezak came and gave his heart to Jesus. In addition to forgiving his sins, God also straightened his back; Mezak was no longer stooped!

Not long after, Mark Surbrook traveled to Haiti, and Mezak met Mark at the mission home. Mezak had brought a bottle given to him by his mother. It was supposed to have special powers and if it was ever broken, bad things were to happen. Mezak asked Mark to destroy it, which he did; they rejoiced.

Mezak lived near a densely-populated part of Port-au-Prince where many low-income families lived. He became one of the founding members of the Delmas 32 church in that area.

Although Bro. Mezak has since gone to be with the Lord, his wife still worships at the Delmas 32 church.

Today, this church is in need of a new generator. A donor has given $1080.00 toward a total of about $2000. Would you join to provide needed electricity for this congregation?


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