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A Passion to Train Students

Download the April issue of The Harvest Times.

In the States, many schools have Spring Break in March or April. After the week off, students can start counting down the days until the school year ends. Students and teachers alike look forward to an extended break in the summer.

In Myanmar, the school year for Shiloh Bible College ends in February. Although Pastor Andrew Bawi Ceu could rightfully say he has earned a break for several weeks, instead he continues the work God laid on his heart: training others to win the lost.

In the three months before a new school year starts, Pastor Andrew leads Evangelism and Discipleship Training School. This course is conducted at a distance from Mandalay for those who cannot come to the Bible college for training.

This year, 14 students from a variety of ethnic groups are participating. World Missions has sent some support to help with this effort.

Andrew’s prayer request for the students is “that the Lord will open their eyes to see Him clearly, catch God’s vision and love for sinners, and become soul winners for Christ.”


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