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Travel in PNG

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Larry loves riding up front in the small planes!

Opposite ends of the country—Buka and Kiunga are 1,200 km (750 miles) apart. Larry just returned from ten days in Bougainville, and next week flies to Western Province near the Indonesian border for another week.

The goal of both trips is setting up projects for locally-driven Bible translation. In Bougainville it was a discovery trip, seeking what the local Solos and Petats churches want in terms of local-language materials and translated Scripture from their translation teams in order to further their ministries. In the North Fly region of Western Province, the project proposal is well under way, and Larry is going as a top administrator to discuss with church leaders the final agreement everyone can sign so the project can go ahead.

While travelling to the far ends of the country is fun and exciting, it does put pressure on our family. Pray especially for Christy and the three boys as they carry on with home school and life here. Separation is difficult, and these two trips are only a week apart.

Pray also for the church and community leaders across PNG that the Holy Spirit will show them what is needed in the local languages to effectively grow God’s Kingdom.

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