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A Temporary Home

Download the June edition of Medical Missions in Ghana.

When I began the process to sell my house, I assumed that from the time that it sold until I left for Ghana I would stay with friends or parents. But, throughout the last year God has been there every step of the way, providing for all my needs, and this was no different.

An amazing family welcomed me into their beautiful home, making me a part of their family when my house sold on April 29th. I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Cook for many years. He has been there over the years, supporting me and encouraging me to pursue my dreams and follow God. When he found out I sold my house, he quickly said that I should move in with his family.

Since then, I have moved in with the Cooks. I have fallen in love with their kids, and I have learned so much from Dr. Cook’s wife, Tasha. By watching her living example of faith, I have grown in my own faith. She is such a beautiful person, a strong Christian, mother, and wife. I’m so thankful that the Cooks are in my life, and they are such a blessing. I’m thankful for their overwhelming generosity, support, and love that they have for others.

Making New Friends

Thank you to all the churches that have allowed me to come and speak this past year. Everyone has been so welcoming, making me feel a part of their church family. I have met some wonderful people and made some great friends.

In visiting churches all over the country, I have been encouraged to hear that young people are listening to the call of God. I talked to one girl from Texas, who was feeling the call to missions. This girl has such an amazing heart for God, and I know she will do great things for Him. I hope I was an encouragement to her, as I shared about my own personal experience.

In early May, I was able to visit the Loveland, CO, area. It was really a special time because my mother, Judy Greenwood Witt, attended there for many years in her early teens. Many of the people shared stories about my mother and the Greenwood family. It really made me appreciate my Christian family roots.

Language Lessons

In May, I had the opportunity, to travel to the Chicago area and visit the Gowins for a weekend. The weekend was a great time of fellowship, as well as an informative time where I learned more about the culture and different traditions that the people practice in Ghana.

I have also decided to learn one of the more common languages in the area where I will live. Jere was really patient with me as he taught me the basics. It is going to be a challenge to learn. For example, “Ba” is father, but “Baa” is dog. It’s really easy to say the wrong thing! So, I ask that you pray for me that God will help me as I learn the language.

Departure Date

I’m excited to tell you that I have raised about 85% of my support. I ask that you continue to pray that God will speak to the hearts of people and that they will partner with me in this ministry. I need less than 10 families to partner with me at $50 a month.

Also, more exciting news: I have a departure date! July 7th I will be on my way to Ghana to start my three-year term. Four other people will be traveling with me to help me settle in—Director Mark Surbrook, Board Member Steve Elsey, Dr. Mike Shoemaker, and former missionary Jere Gowin. They plan to return to the States on July 19, and I will be staying. Then in August, I will be going to the Baptist Medical Centre for a three-month internship.

Please keep me in your prayers in this time of transition. I’m excited to see what God has in store.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

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