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Moving to Ghana

Download the June issue of The Harvest Times.

The tickets are purchased for a trip to Ghana on July 7! Four of the five travelers—Mark Surbrook, Michael Shoemaker, Steve Elsey, and Jere Gowin—plan to return after a few days, but Oleta Witt is going to stay.

For Oleta to leave with the team, she needs to be fully funded. But she only lacks about 10-15% of her needed support! Pray that the remainder will be pledged soon. Click here to give.

Once the team leaves, Oleta will stay with Pastor Sammy and Grace for a few weeks, after which she plans to spend three months as an intern at Baptist Medical Center, northeast of there.

Pray for Oleta as she raises the remaining portion of support, as she says goodbye to family and friends, and as she moves to a new continent for a new chapter in her life.

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