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Updates from PNG

Download the September issue of The Doyle Dispatch.

The Next Generation

While we were on Buka Island, Christy had the boys pick out some of their stuffed animals and other toys for the children at the hospital. In their Bible reading sessions at night, we had been reading stories of sacrifice, and this was a chance to give something that they really hold dear. We toured the pediatric ward one day, letting the boys give out their treasures to the sick children. We pray that these kinds of practical experiences will help the lessons of the Bible come to life for Lawrance, Amaziah, and Jacob.

Changes in Buka

The way we have done things in Bougainville, and for the Solos program on Buka Island in particular, is changing. The regional center where we have lived at times and worked often is being turned over to a local partner.

Our language work will be focused more on partners and depend much more on local resources. Please do pray for us and all the translation programs in Bougainville as we adjust to new ways of operating.

Part of our task while we managed the center in June and July was to prepare for this transition. There are a number of training resources that are going to other training centers, and it was good to have time to discuss options for the future with the Regional Director and many of the local teams we have been working with.

Opportunities: Ukarumpa

In Ukarumpa, our missions community, there are several jobs that have to be filled in order for all the missionaries here to do their work well. In our next few newsletters we would like to feature places of work and various jobs that we need missionaries to do in Papua New Guinea.

First up is our missions clinic (pictured above). The clinic serves to provide health and dental care for various missions. It is staffed by expats as well as Papua New Guineans, and there is even a local health center attached to the clinic that serves surrounding communities.

The clinic staff are a very important part of life here in Ukarumpa. There is almost always a need for others to come and join their team. As people leave for various reasons, whether unexpectedly or even just to go on furlough, there can be huge gaps that need filled.

Are you a doctor, nurse, lab tech, therapist, receptionist, etc. that might be looking for a new direction in life? Consider missions!

Opportunities: Mission Trip!

Harmony Hill Youth Camp Compass Ministries is putting together a team of people to come to Papua New Guinea next June, 2017. We would like to encourage anyone* who might be interested (even if you’re only a little bit interested) to consider joining the team. We have some exciting things planned. It could be an experience of a lifetime! Contact Tim Scott at or visit the HHYC Compass Ministries website

*18 years or older

Prayer Corner


  • A very productive stay in Buka

  • Quick readjustment to Ukarumpa life

  • A good start to another school year

  • Opportunities to serve expats and PNGians with the love of Christ


  • The Bougainville staff and teams as we deal with significant changes in infrastructure and personnel

  • The Coastal Solos translation team as they work together to get more of God’s Word in their language

  • The developing translation team in the Inland dialect of Solos, as well as the community leaders who are supporting them

  • That the two Solos teams will coalesce into a unified program

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