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Hospital Internship

Download the October issue of Medical Missions in Ghana.

Greetings from Nalerigu, Ghana! I’m currently at the Baptist Medical Centre (BMC) for my three-month internship. I’m very excited about my time here at BMC and everything that I will have the opportunity to learn. During my internship, I will be working in several different areas of the hospital, from medical records, out-patient, the different patient wards, operating room, labor and delivery, and administration. Already, I have learned so much about common diseases, treatment, and what resources are available for the people. It really has been eye opening to learn more about the culture and traditions that they have about medicine.

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On an average clinic day, we have about 650 people come through the hospital. During night rounds all the patient wards are overflowing with patients, and you have to take care not to step on the people that are sleeping on the floor. In all the craziness of the day, I love the moments I have to love on the people and try to comfort them.

A Healing Touch from God

Last week, there was a school building that collapsed due to all the rain that we have received recently. There were ten girls that sustained injuries and were brought to the hospital.

The little girl that I had in triage received trauma to the head. My heart nearly broke when the father came into the room and realized it was his little girl lying on the table, fighting for her life. I spent the next several hours caring for the girl as her father sat at her bedside, holding her hand. I spent most of that time praying that God would work a miracle and spare the girl’s life. After several hours, the girl finally mumbled a few words to her father. I never thought a child’s voice could be so sweet. I am so thankful that God worked a miracle of saving each and every girl that was in the building. I’m happy to report the girl continues to improve and will soon be up and running around like any other little girl. Life here is difficult for the people, and I realize I alone cannot change it. However, God can use me in different ways to impact individuals’ lives.

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News from our Churches

I’m so thankful to Pastor Sammy and his family for welcoming me into their home and family. They took great care of me during my time in their city. It was hard to leave them last month to come to Nalerigu.

One of our villages could really use our prayers as they settle a land dispute in the village.

Some church people after the baptismal service

Another village church, only started earlier this year, recently held a baptismal service, where many people were baptized as a sign of their faith. The church averages over 50 adults and around 70 children.

Pastor George and his wife, Cecilia, welcomed a baby boy in September!


Favorite food: Groundnut soup with chicken and rice balls

Weirdest food: Spaghetti water. This is Pastor Sammy’s son Joshua’s favorite food. It is spaghetti noodles in water. Add sugar and milk to taste.

Favorite animal encounter: Baby porcupine and monkeys

Least favorite animal encounter: Giant rats

Hard lessons learned: The motorcycle exhaust pipe will leave a nice burn on your leg. (It was an accident.) Also, anti-malaria medication isn’t 100% effective. (Thank you for those that prayed for me while I was sick. I was thankful it was not a severe case like I have seen while here at BMC.)

Until next time, that is all the crazy adventures from Ghana.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

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