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Annual Harvest Offering: Giving Hope to the Lost

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Ambrose was sick again. These illnesses and problems kept coming, and he could not explain them. To find relief, Ambrose spent a lot of money, purchasing birds and goats and taking them to the local witch doctor for him to sacrifice. But, instead of helping, the more sacrifices the witch doctor offered on his behalf, the worse Ambrose’s problems became.

Ephesians 2:12 describes Ambrose’s predicament. He was “without God and without hope in the world.”

Voodoo also deceives people into thinking that sacrifices and the occult hold the answers to life’s problems. In fact, there are many children in Haiti who grow up in homes where voodoo is practiced, leading only to spiritual bondage.

Through your generosity and the faithfulness of many Haitian brothers and sisters, these children are learning about Christ at our six schools in Haiti. They are learning of the freedom that Jesus gives.

Ambrose also heard about Jesus when some visitors came to his village in Ghana and began teaching about God. He felt drawn to the truth, taking time to listen and realizing he was not on the right path. “Immediately, my mind, heart, and attitude were on Christ,” he wrote. “I admitted the wrongs done for the past years and surrendered myself and my family to God.”

Ambrose’s sickness and problems left, never to return. He stopped sacrificing birds and goats. His world completely changed! God had brought deliverance and joy. Later, Ambrose testified that he was grateful for a loving God who offers salvation freely. Only one sacrifice—that of Jesus, on the cross—had been necessary to purchase redemption and forgiveness.

It is the calling and desire of World Missions to see many more people around the world find hope and forgiveness through the blood of Christ. We want to see more people—in Haiti, Ghana, and beyond—able to testify to the truth of Ephesians 2:13—“But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near by the blood of Christ.”

Your gift to the Annual Harvest Offering will help support churches in Ghana and schools in Haiti.

Click here to give.

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