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This Season

Download the December issue of The Doyle Dispatch.

There are few times more busy than the build-up to Christmas. Here in PNG it is no different. In a few weeks we have a special day set aside to remember that God sent us a Redeemer, but meanwhile there is so much going on it can be overwhelming.

Larry just returned from a three-week trip to Port Moresby, Buka Island, Port Moresby again, and finally back home. Christy has been non-stop with home school, clinic, Bible studies, and community events. We attended a marriage seminar last month as well. There is always a strong current of ongoing work that continues to need done.

Sometimes in the middle of such busyness it can be challenging to keep in mind that Jesus came to set his people free. We pray for you as well as ourselves that we will indeed be mindful of what it means that God gave his Son, and to allow that truth to once again change us.

The boys enjoy playing games during rainy season when the outdoor sports get a little too muddy.

Pastors Joe Trussell and Mark Surbrook arrived at the local airstrip for a short visit.


We are looking at support roles that need to be filled in missions. Last time we looked at the clinic here in Ukarumpa and the various healthcare related fields where people just like you can serve. This newsletter we’re focusing on aviation.

In order to get missionaries and local translators to and from remote village locations, it takes a crew of pilots, mechanics, loaders, flight coordinators, managers, and more. These aviation personnel are vital to missions work in Papua New Guinea. They also do medical evacuations in emergencies around the country.

As with most aspects of missions life, there are often shortages of key people. Right now there is a lack of aviation mechanics, which restricts the number of hours our aircraft can fly.

If you are passionate about missions and have an interest in any aspect of aviation, maybe God wants you serving in mission aviation!

Prayer Corner


· A safe and generally good trip to Buka and Port Moresby

· Good times of growth as a family

· A very good but brief visit from Mark Surbrook and Joe Trussell

· The newest group of laborers who arrived here recently


· The Coastal Solos translation team as they begin to follow the plans we just laid out for the future

· That the Inland Solos community and church leadership would unite in supporting their new translators

· That the two Solos teams will coalesce into a unified program

· We need the grace of God in the coming weeks of more than usual workload

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