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A Visit to PNG, Part Two: Harvest for Christ Ministries

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During their visit to Papua New Guinea, Mark Surbrook and Joe Trussell traveled to meet two brothers, Andrew and Andepa Auri. Andepa is the founder of Harvest for Christ Ministries, a group of about 45 churches and 3500 believers based four hours from Ukarumpa.

Mark and Joe were greeted warmly by the people with hugs and wailing, the latter a sign that visitors had come and others should come meet them. The following day, they traveled to Minj where Mark spoke that night and Joe the next day.

In the mountains, Mark and Joe were greeted and carried on litters.

There was one more stop in this part of the journey, a trip into the mountains to where HFCM had begun 19 years earlier. The group of churches started with Andepa preaching in the markets, and the people asking for a church. While they were there, Mark and Joe saw Andepa and the church people in action as Andepa preached to some 200-300 people in a local market.

Andepa Auri preached to 200-300 people in a local village market.

Harvest for Christ Ministries focuses on three primary points: holiness belongs to God, preaching against sin and Satan, and self-reliance through work. They are seeking partners to help provide training in theology and church administration to help establish this group of churches. In fact, they desire a missionary to live with them and help them in these areas.

While we don’t have the missionary personnel to send at this time, the World Mission Board has entered a one-year relationship with them. It is our goal to make training materials available to them, as well as to send at least one person for a short-term training session.

Thank you for your prayers for this ministry.

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