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Larry, Christy, Lawrance, Amaziah, and Jacob Doyle

As we looked over past newsletters, we realized that we have not fully described our current roles here in PNG, although we have updated you all on some of the key activities we’ve done.

Christy is primarily serving as mother, home school teacher, and housewife. This is more than full-time, but in addition, she is volunteering one morning per week as the receptionist at the Clinic—making appointments, organizing and filing medical charts, and helping to keep things running smoothly there. She also serves with the Kitchen Angels, a group of ladies who cooperatively provide meals to families in our community facing crises or illness.

Larry is primarily Senior Manager for Language Programs. This involves overseeing the seven Regional Directors and the 150+ translation programs we run throughout PNG. He also has the privilege of guiding prospective language workers and translators to connect with a needy language, often starting with an interview 1-2 years before they even arrive on the field! In addition, he gets to help mediate disagreements and personnel problems (those didn’t end with Paul’s missionary journeys), oversee policy changes and implementation, and assist with project funding issues, among other things. Currently he also has part of the Language Services job while another senior manager is on furlough.

Sometimes traveling is part of Larry's job.

We also continue to advise the Solos program out in Buka. They are very close to publishing the book of Joshua, and are hoping to start this year on a project to complete the Gospel of Luke. This will involve more training in the village, and a good bit more travel for Larry, so please help us pray about that.

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