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Trip to the States

I have been looking forward to October for some time. When I booked my tickets home for a visit, it seemed so far off, but now, here in a few weeks, I will be traveling home. During my time home, I will be attending my best friend’s wedding as a maid of honor. I will also be visiting with family and friends. God has even worked it out that I might be home for the birth of my nephew. It is going to be a wonderful time and very busy.

I'm wearing the traditional Ghana-ian smock dress, one step closer to being considered a Ghanaian.

I’m looking forward to eating American food again. I’m actually craving healthy food like salads, veggies, and meat. For those who know me, this is unusual; but the Ghanaian diet is packed full of carbs and fish. I think my body is in desperate need of vitamins and protein.

Ghanaian food I like: fufu with ground nut soup and tilapia

Visit from Jere Gowin

Jere Gowin, after being unable to travel as planned this summer due to a heart attack, was able to come and visit the end of August. Jere is the missionary who started the work here in northern Ghana. God led him and used Jere to start 5 churches. Since he left, there have been 2 more churches started in this area. It was so good to visit with him and learn about the work that he did here in Ghana.

During his short visit Jere got seriously sick from contaminated food. I have become quite the village doctor since my arrival in Ghana. Jere was thankful that I could start an IV and take care of him in the house. Hospitals are commonly the last place anyone wants to go, and I often make house calls or have a patient show up at the house. I don’t mind; in fact, Grace and I joke about the house being a clinic. Anyway, I was happy my patient made a quick recovery and was strong enough to travel home.

Answers to Prayer

I’m thankful that, in this past year and a half, I have seen God working in my life as well as the lives of others. I have seen Him do the impossible. For example, there were a couple of children here in town that I was able to share the gospel with. The children took home an art project with a cross on it. A little later the father came to the house. The father, a devout Muslim, was livid that his children were there and had told them before not to come to the house because he didn’t want them to listen to my Bible stories. This past week I found out that the children are now attending the Baptist Christian school! Wow! God answers prayers! Please continue to pray for this family that God will work in their lives.

Hanging out with some neighborhood kids.


When I came here to Ghana, I wasn’t sure what God had in store for me. I had an idea of what I thought I should do; however, it turns out I’m getting a lot of practice preaching. The people here are very encouraging, responding by nodding their heads and saying, “Amen.” I really couldn’t ask for a better group of people to minister to. I pray that God is able to take the messages that I preach and use them to change people’s lives.

This week in one church my message was “What is God’s intention for the church?” Over the next several Sundays we will be talking about how we can develop the church. How, as a church, we can reach out more in the community? As a church, how can we minister to others with a holistic approach? There will be very cool lessons in the upcoming weeks. I continue to pray that God helps me present a clear message that the people will understand.

Thank you for your continued support! I hope to see some of you when I’m in the States in just a few more weeks!

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