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A New Vision

Over the past several months, I have been studying in my devotions about Saul and David. I was so drawn to 1 Samuel, learning about the failures of Saul in his leadership and then comparing him to David, who had a heart for God. I knew God was talking to me and was really working in my life, preparing me for something. Then, my friends were talking about the development of healthy leaders in the church. Through a chain of events in the past month God finally showed me His plan.

Mark Surbrook, Director of World Missions, and Jere Gowin, previous missionary, were here for a visit in January, and during that time we were able to strategize about the future of the ministry. Since then, our ministry team has been working to implement changes to fulfill the vision that we believe God has put before us.

The Importance of Training

Part of the new vision for the ministry here is to develop healthy leaders in our churches. We have decided to change our focus from evangelism to developing the Church.

Several years ago this part of Ghana was really an unreached area. However, today there are churches all over. The problem is that many of these churches desperately need leaders. We have already seen the effects of churches not having healthy leaders; over time the church will begin to struggle, then eventually die.

In the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, Christ went out and found twelve men that were willing to follow Him. Christ spent the next three years training these men to become the future leaders of the Church after He was gone. If it were not for these disciples, there would have been no Church. It was because of these 11 men that we have the Church that we have today.

Training villages leaders is vital to the future of the Church in Ghana.

New Possibilities!

It is our responsibility to follow Christ’s example and develop healthy leaders in the Church. This is not an easy task that can be done overnight. It takes us personally investing in the lives of our prospective leaders by nurturing their spiritual lives, building relationships, helping them develop their character, and finally assisting them in finding their calling.

As we develop these healthy leaders in the church we will see a dramatic change in our ministry. Really, the possibilities are endless of what God could do with our new leaders.

Another change we decided to make is to adjust some of the responsibilities of the ministry team (Pastor George, Pastor Sammy, and myself) to help share the burden of the ministry. Through this, I know God will help bring unity, good communication, and transparency to our team here in Ghana.

Please, continue to pray for us, as I know we have made some big changes in the last month. However, I know God is working here, and I believe He will continue to guide us every day.

Christians in one village

Testimony from Deborah: "A New Chapter of Life"

“I am a widow from a Muslim background, even though I never became one of them. I was getting sick time after time. People referred me to herbalist after herbalist, and shrine after shrine in order to know the cause of my sickness all the time. All my hope in life was just fading day after day. One time I heard somebody sharing the Word of God, and I felt some force dragging me there to go and listen to him. I went to listen, and the message was sweet to me. I accepted Jesus and committed myself wholly to Him because He knows me better than anyone. I committed my health issue unto Him.

“Thank God, I experienced a new chapter of life again. I feel new in myself and the way I see things. I feel strong now, even though old age is worrying me. I know the Word of God is living and capable of touching any one.

“I now know who to consult when I am sick or down. Jesus is with me all the time to take my pains away and hear my humble cry. I feel confident to go to Jesus all the time with my troubles, and He hears me.”

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