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New Pastors in the Cayman Islands

Sometimes following God’s will brings a person full circle in a way they could have never dreamed.

After a blessed and fulfilling ministry in Cayman Brac, David and Zenia Woods felt God leading them in March to accept the call to pastor the Red Bay church in Grand Cayman. There is much potential among the wonderful people at Red Bay, and we are excited at what God has in store for the Woods family there.

This is the church where Zenia was saved in 2000 under the ministry of Bob and Cinda Thompson, and also the congregation that supported her when she came to KCCBS in 2005 to pursue degrees in missions and elementary education. It was while she was a student in Kansas City that she met David.

Easter Sunday, April 1, marked the Woods’ first Sunday as pastors at Red Bay.

The churches in Cayman Brac are also excited about the arrival of their new pastors (and David’s parents), Gayle and Micki Woods.

Gayle and his wife are no strangers among our churches. Their ministry together has included pastoring six different churches since 1972 and serving as president of KCCBS for 14 years.

Now, David and Zenia and their boys are looking forward to having family move to the Brac.

We know God has good things in store for both Woods families as they minister in the Cayman Islands!


Gayle and Micki Woods need to raise a small amount of support—approximately $700 per month—for their ministry in Cayman Brac. They will also need to raise funds for moving expenses.

Would you consider becoming a monthly partner with them? Your support will help them be able to move to Cayman Brac more quickly!

To learn more about Gayle and Micki Woods, see the video below.

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