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Growing and Learning

Tomorrow (from when this is being written) Larry will be participating in a three-day workshop that will help him do his management job better. For the past few weeks, an international consultant on Language Learning has been here in Ukarumpa helping language teams figure out how to progress in learning the languages they’re working with, and support workers to get better at the trade language. In June, the Regional Directors that Larry oversees will be gathering for a time of training for the jobs they do.

These and other training events make up a big part of the job of Bible Translation. It is important to keep improving, to keep learning, to keep growing in the things we are called to do.

At the same time as we are trying to grow professionally, we cannot forget to intentionally grow spiritually.

These past months have been very fruitful for our family in growing in the Word. Even though we’re part of an organization specializing in getting God’s Word into people’s languages so they can hear directly from God, we cannot forget to keep growing that way ourselves!

Larry & Christy have been discussing and applying the truths we’re hearing on Sundays and in our times of Scripture reading. The boys have also been showing insights and understanding of the Scriptures in their interactions and conversations. Pray that we will continue to grow and learn.

Coloring brown eggs can be tricky, but they came out OK!

Family Time

Larry was blessed to be able to spend about two weeks back in the USA in April. The primary goal of the trip was to visit with his sister Lisa, who is on hospice care in what is likely the final stages of a battle with cancer. She is still able to get around, and her pain is being well managed. Please do pray for her and the whole family. (Photo Credit: another sister, Jennifer)

Another bonus of this time with family is that Larry got to meet in person for the first time with his long-lost firstborn brother, Paul. The photo above was on a day they visited with Dad Doyle, who is dealing with dementia. He has good days and confused days, but thankfully there were a number of good days while Larry was there. Paul and the rest of the family were able to hear some family history from the early days that was unknown before.

Prayer Corner


· A good trip back to the USA for Larry to spend time with Lisa and family

· Opportunities for growth and learning

· The final term (quarter) of the school year is going well

· Great relationships in the leadership team here

· Our family growing in God’s Word


· Lisa and the extended family during this time of uncertainty

· The three remaining New Testament dedications planned for 2018

· Consultant checking the book of Joshua in Solos this year

· Good communication with the Solos team

· Christy as she wraps up this school year with the preschool class

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