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An Answer to Prayer in Bolivia

Vida Nueva

A vibrant, growing Church organization: that’s what Director Mark Surbrook and former missionary Paul Confer found when they traveled to Bolivia the end of March.

The Bolivian Evangelical Church of God (or IEDB after its name in Spanish) is made up of 165 churches spread out over three districts. They have set a goal for themselves of reaching 200 churches by the year 2020 and bathe their efforts in prayer.

One method the Bolivian Christians are using to start new churches is targeting new areas of growth in the city. Vida Nueva, or New Life, was started this way.

However, when the New Life congregation started meeting in their new location, they found some noisy neighbors to be a hindrance. Satan worshipers met on a hill close by, offering animal sacrifices and using drugs.

The church decided to pray against these meetings. They walked around the area, anointing it with oil and praying in the powerful name of Jesus.

God answered their prayers, and the Satanists disbanded. Furthermore, one of these neighbors is now a follower of the Lord and a member of the New Life congregation!

Mark Surbrook and Paul Confer pose with the Vida Nueva congregation.


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