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Dedication Celebration

For the Binumarien people, the Bible hasn’t been available for quite a long time. The New Testament had been completed and dedicated in 1984, but after a number of years, most of the New Testaments were falling apart. People had used them well, but there were no new ones for the current generation.

Over the past few years, one of our colleagues who has been working part-time to help the team do Old Testament translation also helped make arrangements to do a re-print of the New Testament plus five Old Testament books. It got a little complicated, since there were a few changes and updates, but it finally got printed and shipped to PNG earlier this year.

On June 16, the Binumarien celebrated this fresh access to God’s Word. It was a rainy, cloudy Saturday, but it was a day of rejoicing.

The Binumarien community is very isolated, but not too far away, so the helicopter was a practical means of getting there. The weather cooperated just enough for all the flights to get in and out, and the day was a God-honoring celebration.

The sign which was on the stage set up for the speeches and dignitaries.

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