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A Centenarian in Cayman Brac

When Gayle and Micki Woods accepted the call to pastor the congregations in Cayman Brac, Gayle’s father accepted that he would be making an international move at 100 years of age!

Born during World War I, Lester has seen many changes in his lifetime. In fact, if there is anything more astonishing than his health at his age, it is the fact that he still has a sister seven years older living in Missouri.

If you follow Gayle Woods on Facebook, you can watch Lester singing a special for church in the Brac, “Amazing Grace.” By his testimony, we know he agrees with the writer: “’Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home.”

Gayle and Micki Woods lack less than $100 in monthly pledges to make them fully funded. If you would like to give, call 913-432-0303 or click here.

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