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Pastor's Conference in Ghana

A team of four men traveled to Ghana in late January to visit the work and teach at the Pastor’s Conference.

The team consisted of Travis Sayler, former missionary Jere Gowin, Bill Lee, and Dr. Jim Lo. Dr. Lo, who was himself a missionary for several years in Africa and is a friend of Jere’s, brought his book God’s Call to Holiness, which he used as the curriculum for the training sessions at the Pastor’s Conference, January 24-27. Jere, Bill, and Travis participated in the teaching, as well. These sessions were attended by 19 men and 5 women, leaders of our 7 village churches. The attendees were engaged with the lessons and planned to complete coursework over the next three months to give them a solid training in scriptural holiness.

The conference concluded with a special commissioning service for Pastor George, whom we have not been able to visit since he stepped into his leadership role. Travis wrote that the thanks expressed touched Pastor George, and he was cheered enthusiastically by the attendees.

The following Sunday, people from all the village churches gathered at Ducie for a day of camp meeting and fellowship. Travel can be very difficult between villages, but many gathered in. The various churches brought special music and worship, which lasted two hours. Jere Gowin, who is much loved and honored, brought the sermon.

Most of the team members were able to visit the village churches over the next few days, prior to leaving for home on February 1. They even got to visit our newest church building, just recently completed, in the village of Sogla.

Please continue to pray for Pastor George and the village churches. Pray for the church leaders who will be completing the course on holiness. Ask the Father for more souls to be saved in Ghana.




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