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Consultant Checking at Christmas!

As most of you who read this will know, we have had difficulties with logistics and communication with the Solos team for quite some time. Praise God with us that an opportunity came up to interact with Thonny Tetena, a translation consultant who lives on a remote island in Bougainville.

Thonny (in purple) and Larry co-teaching at a Translator Training Course in 2013.

Thonny was in Buka town and was able to get in touch with the Solos team. So they set up a consultant checking session for the book of Joshua and a number of other short Old Testament passages for two weeks in December. Larry will be travelling out there on December 5th, with plans to get back on the 22nd (this is full-on Christmas time in the village). We hope to publish Joshua early next year!

In addition, one of the Solos team members who regularly visits town called on a mobile phone. This now gives us a direct mode of communication, although it will only be occasional. Pray that future contact can be maintained.

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