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Finishing Well

Finishing well has been a theme for our whole organization over the past couple of years, particularly for retiring members. As we come closer to our furlough time (July 29), it seems appropriate for us, too.

Christy is seeking to cut back a little at the Clinic and see other people take over what she’s been doing in the afternoons. At the Primary Campus, she’s training another lady to take over her efforts at the Library.

Larry is training the next Senior Manager for Language Programs, who is scheduled to take over in July. He made a final trip to Buka Island in February to check the first New Testament drafting that the Solos team has completed.

Sotutu, Goldie, Chris, and Pastor James work on revising a passage in Acts.

Lawrance (3rd grade) and Amaziah (1st grade) are hard at work with finishing up this school year.

But this is only a short-term ‘finish’ for us. We’re only planning to be in the U.S. for one year, and God has opened doors for additional service here in PNG next term.

Larry will be part-time on the Executive Committee (sort of an internal Board). Christy hopes to train as a laboratory technician at the Clinic. We’re planning to be more full-time in the Solos program out in Bougainville.

Even as we’re getting ready to wrap up this term, Larry has temporarily stepped into an acting Director position while his boss is out of country for a few months. In all that we’re doing in PNG, we realize that Paul was not unique when he talked about facing many adversaries.

Pray that we will be able to finish well our work for this field term and handing off the work to others. We also acutely feel the need for God’s strength for the many details of packing up and preparing to return to the U.S.A. for a year. There are still lots of unknowns about the situation in Bougainville, which makes planning our return to PNG a challenge.

We ask you to trust God with us for these next few months, our furlough, and our next term in PNG.

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