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Going Home?

Furlough (home assignment) is an interesting time for missionaries. Every time we think about it, we realize more and more that our true home is a place we have never been—heaven. As we transition from this ‘home’ to the ‘old home’ where our families and friends live (or at least used to), we are faced with mixed emotions.

For us adults, it’s not quite the same place we remember from previous years. People, culture, and even places have shifted over the past four years. Sometimes the changes are obvious and shocking, while at other times the shifts are subtle and catch us unawares. For our kids, it’s a place they’ve only lived briefly and only vaguely remember.

Of course we are thrilled about seeing family members (including some born during this field term), meeting old friends, and making new friends. We want to see, meet, talk to, share, experience, feel, connect, and just be with PEOPLE! It’s important for us to have a ‘home’ in terms of relationships.

Many of you who read this newsletter have been part of that for us on past furloughs, and we would love to spend time with you again. It may be brief, and perhaps not seem that important, but we treasure our times with you.

Home is where family is, and we’re so grateful to be part of the family of God.

We plan to arrive in the USA on the last day of July, so if you’d like for us to visit your church, your home, your area/town, etc. in August or beyond, either email us directly ( or get in contact with Ashlee Englund at the World Mission office ( or 913-432-0303).

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