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Plan B (or C, D, or E...)

The English alphabet may not be enough to label our fluid plans. In the last newsletter from PNG we thought we had a pretty good furlough plan laid out. Some of those things have worked well (travel to the USA, vehicle, Missions Retreat, visiting people and churches) but others have not.

The boys at our local airstrip in PNG

The house that we partially own in Kansas City is not habitable, so we’re based out of Northeast Oklahoma for the time being. In many ways this is a blessing: we are closer to our families, the medical system Christy needs to access is relatively nearby, and the rural setting is quieter than city life.

There are some conveniences of the city and a more central location that we’re missing, and there are some financial stresses involved in paying for a house we can’t stay in. So pray that the situation will be resolved well and that all the parties involved will make wise decisions.

Meanwhile we really are enjoying life back in the USA. It is good to be aligned with the “counsel of the LORD” even though we don’t always know ahead of time what that looks like.

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