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Pandemic Response

We just arrived home from our big Western Trip. We took off before any states had shut down in March, and over the next month watched things get cancelled and paused. We had hoped to visit at least six churches and many, many friends and partners. That obviously didn’t happen. We were able to meet up with a couple of friends (you know who you are) and see and stay with family who we hadn’t seen in a long time (thanks for taking us in longer than planned!). But in many ways, it was a disappointing time.

We have wondered why. We have questioned what God is doing. The answer so far seems to be that He is teaching us to rest in the shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91).

As our goals are set aside, and as our plans are paused, our prayer is that we all are able to truly make the Lord our refuge and dwelling.

Money Matters

We have different needs when we’re on furlough than we do when we’re on the field, so I thought I’d explain that a bit in this newsletter.

First, the one-time offerings and gifts. These go to help pay for our travels, housing expenses, and other such things directly related to being in the USA. These generally go through COGH World Missions so we don’t have to count them as income and pay taxes on them.

Second, and most crucial to getting back to the field, are the commitments to regularly give toward our budgeted needs. This is usually monthly, but any interval is appreciated. This is also mainly handled through COGH World Missions, and is how we keep our insurance, get paid enough to keep eating, and are able to continue to minister in PNG.

SPECIAL THANKS! There have been a few individuals and churches who have signed on as financial partners in the past couple of months despite us not being able to visit you. Thank you so much! If you’d like to join that number, contact us or COGH World Missions.

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