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Back in Action (But Cautiously)

Summer has been a return to our normal furlough schedule of travelling, visiting churches, and connecting with people. We’re so grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to share about Bible Translation in Papua New Guinea, as well as catching up with friends and acquaintances in various places.

If you or your church want to see us in August or on into the Autumn months, get in touch with us or the COGH World Missions office. These are crazy times, but it is very comforting to see that God is still at work in so many lives and churches.

One of our major blessings has been the opportunity to serve at Harmony Hill Kid’s Kamp. All three boys were able to participate in the program this time around, and had a blast. Larry spoke in the chapel services and Christy helped run the Treasure Chest gift shop for the campers.


  • Protection from COVID-19

  • A full schedule for June & July

  • New and renewed relationships with people we have been able to visit

  • A full slate of Summer experiences

  • God’s blessing at Kid’s Kamp

  • Good medical outcomes for Christy’s surgeries

  • COVID-19 having minimum impacts in PNG


  • Guidance and open doors on scheduling a return to PNG

  • Ability to get medical things done in a timely manner

  • Openings for making connections with people and churches in the fall

  • Pray for new and renewing partners in the work of Bible Translation

  • Pray that the Bougainville independence process goes well and that conditions will be favorable for our return

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