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Annual Harvest Offering 2023

Each fall we bring to you an appeal for the Annual Harvest Offering for World Missions. This year, we are excited to tell you about two projects that are worthy of your support.

Since the first graduating class in 2004, Shiloh Bible College in Myanmar has trained many church planters and Christian workers. However, the Bible college has always met in rented facilities.

This year they have begun new construction—their own building on their own land. The plan is to build four floors and include room for church activities, Shiloh Bible College office and classrooms, and dormitories for boys and girls. The target completion date is June of 2024.

Half of all annual offering donations will go toward this effort to provide training for future church planters in Myanmar.

All of our churches in Ghana have been started since 2009. In recent years, Pastor George has been doing an excellent job training emerging leaders and mentoring them as they grow into strong pastors and Christian workers. In January, we are planning to send a team of men to help with a Minister’s Conference.

Half of all annual offering donations will go toward the expenses of this trip and the Minister’s Conference to train, strengthen, and encourage our current church leaders in Ghana.

Would you join in this investment in the future of Kingdom work? We want to see more people trained and encouraged to serve Christ. We encourage your church to participate in this year’s Annual Harvest Offering to help provide training for current and future workers in Myanmar and Ghana.


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