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Celebrating Faithful Ministry

In December of 2014, David and Zenia Woods began an adventure when they stepped off a plane on to the island of Cayman Brac with their boys, Joseph and Noah. For the next 3 ½ years, they pastored the two congregations in the Brac and grew to love their new home and the people there.

In March of 2018, the Woods packed up again, this time to move to Grand Cayman, where they felt God was leading them to pastor the Red Bay church.

This move was bringing Zenia back to the place and the church where she had been saved in 2000 under Bob and Cinda Thompson’s ministry. The Red Bay church had then sponsored Zenia to come to Kansas City College and Bible School (now Kansas Christian College) in 2005 where she obtained her degrees in missions and elementary education. This was also where she met David, and they were married in the summer of 2008.

Sis. Anna G. Smith Joseph had followed the Thompsons, and now David and Zenia were accepting the role of pastors at Red Bay.

As they wrote in a newsletter at the end of the year, David and Zenia served and led their congregation with the goal of challenging them “to a greater passion for Christ and his church.”

Highlights over the following year included special Easter activities, beginning with an Easter sunrise service. They also revived a tradition from a previous decade called Family Day, celebrated on June 10, the Queen’s birthday. Two important weeks of ministry in the summer included Teen Challenge and Vacation Bible School.

Early in 2020, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic brought regular church activities to a screeching halt. Still, David and Zenia faithfully worked to minister to their parishioners. They adapted to their new circumstances, learning to livestream church services and conduct Zoom meetings. Zenia served as the teens’ youth leader, as well, working with her students to help them navigate the anxiety and stress of their new situations.

By Father’s Day, in-person church services were allowed to resume. Last December, the Woods wrote, “Other special activities, such as Youth Challenge, Vacation Bible School, and our Christmas trailer caroling have been put aside. Yet through all this change and disruption, there have been a core group in our church who have remained faithful, labored tirelessly, and, we believe, are growing spiritually.”

Throughout their role as pastor at Red Bay, David and Zenia have given 110%, if possible, to see the Kingdom advance. They have served faithfully and sacrificially, and we commend them for their labors of love.

After much prayer and soul-searching, David and Zenia have decided to withdraw their names from the upcoming pastoral elections in March 2021. This was not an easy decision for them and means they will have to leave many people they have grown to love.

We ask for your prayers for the Woods family as they conclude their ministry in Red Bay and return to the U.S. Pray for God’s guidance and for clear direction as they seek His will for further home or foreign ministry. World Missions will be pleased to work with them in the future, as God leads.

Please also pray for the Red Bay church as they seek new pastoral leadership. We know as God leads the Woods to another area of ministry, He is also able to guide the church as they seek His leadership in their search for a pastor. Pray for unity, purpose, and direction as they proceed.

David, Zenia, Joseph, and Noah Woods have enjoyed living only an island away from David's parents, Gayle and Micki Woods.

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