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Emergency Relief for Haiti

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the southern peninsula of Haiti on August 14. Two days later, Tropical Storm Grace passed over the region. Less than a week later, the death toll had climbed to close to 2000, with the number of injured nearing 10,000.

We have three churches near the epicenter of the earthquake. Pastor Ronald from the Maillard church was injured, but not seriously; we are grateful that the buildings were not damaged. However, church members are staying at the church building now because they are afraid to stay in their damaged homes.

The Gauthier church sustained severe damage to the church and school buildings. About 45 members need assistance now.

Our National Director, Rev. Jeudilus Noel (Samson), writes that their first goal is to provide water, food, tents, and etc., for those in need. He had already sent some funds to Pastor Ronald, and the World Mission Board has provided an initial offering of $2000 for this purpose.

Please consider donating toward Emergency Relief in Haiti.

Please also pray for the people of this nation, already reeling from gang violence and the assassination of their president.


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